Why Retirement WOW! Coaching?

retirement coaching

There is so much more to retirement than most people realize. Much of it is good. However, many of the significant personal changes that you will face can be quite challenging. A poll of retirees showed they experienced significantly greater stress in retirement than expected. Also, the divorce rates tend to be higher. Depression can be a greater problem. Health tends to decline faster due partially to poor mental, physical, and eating routines.

Bottom line: Retirement brings some major reorientation of your activities, priorities, relationships, and goals.

Sure, retirement means significant changes (some of them may be pretty tough!) in many parts of your life. But if you do like we did and choose to take responsibility for making it the very best possible, you can make a real difference in your future!

You can research all the changes needed in health, exercise, brain function, relationships, wealth, spirituality, attitudes, and emotions. Then you can put together your personal and family plan to empower your retirement to success.

But it does not have to be that way.



At 82, Paul and Ardis have successfully made the transition, through massive challenges, from very high energy professional careers to a happy, loving, creative, vigorous, fulfilling retirement. Our well-researched techniques, combined with the power of a small team of your peers working toward common goals, can be yours in your personal Retirement Wow! Mastermind Group.

This is NOT just some canned material for you to wade through by yourself! Two experienced retirees will guide your group of no more than five members in weekly hour-long webinars. We’ll work through all of the major components of a successful retirement for as many months as YOU choose.



      • You will find personal renewal of opportunities, as you create your own definition of retirement.
      • You will explore a new sense of freedom in how you use your free time.
      • You will become more conscious of your own personal development, including hobbies, interests, career, activities, travel, and leisure time.
      • You will develop a healthier awareness about your life as you redefine yourself from the working career that you had.
      • Your focus at this time will be to ask deeper questions about your life’s path / purpose, direction, and meaningfulness in later years.
      • You will become more conscious of the quality and quantity of relationships with family and friends.
      • You will gain a clear vision of your future with shared mutual support, respect, and encouragement.



“Paul is great at organizing events and people within them. He is a compassionate soul that gives his all to the causes he chooses to be part of.” — Sheryl S-M