What Makes This Coaching Unique?


Often people wonder what distinguishes a coach from some of the other wonderful helping professionals available. Here are a few quick thoughts to create a basic understanding.


Consultants — A consultant will help you understand a situation and share expertise and knowledge.


Counselors — A counselor will share wisdom and help you make decisions. When you are troubled, it is very hard to play life’s game well.


Therapists — A therapist will help you heal wounds from the past.


Psychologists — A psychologist will help you understand your behavior.


Trainers — A trainer will teach you new skills. This is one of our main jobs as coaches. We’ll teach you the skills you need to win in your game of retirement, and we’ll help you design it just for you, based on your personal situation.


Coaches — As your coaches, we’ll do any and all of these things when you need us to, but only when they will help you create better outcomes and more enjoy your retirement living!


Key issues include:

  • What to do for the rest of my life? This is a major change and I am uneasy about all the unknowns.
  • Redeveloping my health and fitness. When I just relax and become less active, what will that do?
  • Brain and mental issues. How can I prevent mental decline? I’m scared of losing my memory.
  • Personal relationships. They will change significantly. How will I deal with them?
  • Wealth. My regular paychecks will stop. What will my lifestyle be?
  • Spirituality. The end of my life is much closer now. What’s ahead?
  • Attitudes and emotions. How do I change my attitudes and emotions to fit retirement situations?
  • Empowerment. How can I empower myself into a long, satisfying retirement versus just surviving?


We will share everything we know with you.

If we don’t have some expertise you need, we will help you find it.