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Typical fees for high quality professional, on-going coaching programs can be as much as $300 – $1,000 an hour! For that amount, students usually get a coaching manual with regular lessons or homework for you to do. Some good programs also offer a periodic (maybe monthly) brief phone call from an instructor. The rest of the time, you are on your own to stay motivated and complete your assignments. You get very little personal coaching time and none of the power of our MasterMind Group approach!

Our Retirement Wow! MasterMind Groups go way beyond these standard approaches to a much more beneficial client-oriented process! We take advantage of the well-recognized power of working together in groups, with members helping each other, sharing experiences, and holding each other accountable for their progress. In addition, we have TWO very experienced coaches who lead, guide, challenge, and keep the group focused together during joint webinars using your computers for 1½ hours EACH WEEK. Your computer screen will show pictures of six people at a time, so we all become friends and support each other, further strengthening the team concept.

Course materials include Paul’s published book, “Retirement Wow!” plus lesson plans for each chapter, additional background materials, guest inputs, and many references.

We are very serious about providing the absolute best retirement growth program that we possibly can for you! You deserve nothing less than the best!

Get ready for some really challenging and thought-provoking sessions with discussions that will open your eyes to some new concepts in retirement! Great fun! We get you to go way beyond just thinking about a round of golf now and then. You will be challenged to use your mind and reach out for your personal exciting new vistas in retirement!

What price would you be willing to pay for a completely new and fantastic retirement future? Our fee for the free Retirement Wow! ebook, course materials, weekly 1½ hour group webinars, additional materials, reference sources, excellent guidance by your experienced coaches, invaluable interaction with fellow team members, and more is a very low $287/month per person for four months (which amounts to approximately $25 per hour) AND it includes the power of our team approach! Click below to ensure that your retirement is a WOW one!




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After making your payment, you will be given access to Paul Cunningham’s book, “Retirement Wow!”, at no additional cost ($27 Value). This is our basic text so you can begin preparing for your weekly 1-1/2 hour-long sessions. We will send you additional starting materials along with the date and time of our first meeting. If you have any schedule limitations, please let us know ASAP.




*** OUR 100% GUARANTEE ***

We are very passionate about our mission to help our MasterMind Group Members grow to new levels of satisfaction in your retirement! We also want you to really benefit from your instructors’ and fellow Team Members’ input for you. If you are not satisfied with our efforts, we will cheerfully refund your investment in our program!



Thirty days after you successfully complete your Retirement WOW! MasterMind Group course, Paul Cunningham will personally call you for a FREE 30-minute follow-up support discussion of your Retirement WOW! retirement program. This is another unique feature of the Retirement WOW! program. As far as we know, we are the only coaching program that offers all of these benefits.


We don’t forget you — WE CARE!





“Paul is a vibrant man that lives life to the fullest. Paul is a very supportive participant in the ventures that he engages. He is very concerned about showing others how they may fully embrace life at the early stage of retirement or if you are a veteran of the retirement experience. Paul is joy filled, and I highly recommend many of the ideas of his book and his website.” — Rev. Bruce V.