Membership Benefits

We will work our way through the eight key chapters of Paul’s book, “Retirement WOW!” — two chapters per month.

      • Week No. 1 – The first week will include your coaches’ introduction of the chapters and discussion of extra handout materials. We will discuss answers to a list of general questions that will be sent to you, which are designed to focus your reaction to the material in the chapters we are studying.


      • The second and third weeks will consist of guided discussions of the chapters by your fellow group members. These discussions are invaluable to help you distill and organize your thinking. Each member will have five minutes to discuss their thoughts, issues, and ideas on the contents of the chapters. Brief comments from others will be allowed. Then there will be a group discussion of the topic. In the last five minutes, the Coaches will summarize key points made during the hour.


      • Week No. 3 – Each member will have five minutes to add to their thinking from the previous week. Brief comments from others will be allowed as we firm up thoughts about the chapter subjects.


      • Week No. 4 – We will pull everything together after a brief review of the chapters. Then, collectively, we’ll develop a Plan of Action, using bullet points for specific actions of team members in order to really incorporate the material into their lives. Pledges of Action will be included.


So you will have 4 months x 8 hours/month = 32 hours of personal coaching during this program (plus all the extra material!).





      • The Retirement Wow! book for free! ($27 Value)


      • Coaching by two trained and experienced retirees who really understand what retirement challenges, success, health, happiness, fulfillment, and more are all about!


      • Two full 1-1/2 hour long MasterMind brainstorming calls each week, guided by your two dedicated coaches. ($1,192 Value Per Month – $4,766 Value 4-Month Program)


      • The calls will be limited to you and no more than four other teammates, giving you the personal time you need for your concerns and exchanging helpful feedback with the team.


      • We will focus on one chapter of our “Retirement Wow!” book at a time until the group is ready to move to the next one.


      • In addition, you will receive more detailed material and background information about the topic of the current chapter. ($99 Value)


      • PLUS, graduates from this program can get updates on all reference materials developed in the future. (Priceless!)


      • PLUS, graduates can return for refresher sessions on a space available basis at no additional cost!


MasterMind groups have proven to be one of the most powerful known techniques to success for its members. With the addition of highly qualified team coaching and focus, you will truly be part of a “Transformational Team!”







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*** OUR 100% GUARANTEE ***

We are very passionate about our mission to help our MasterMind Group Members grow to new levels of satisfaction in your retirement! We also want you to really benefit from your instructors’ and fellow Team Members’ input for you. If you are not satisfied with our efforts, we will cheerfully refund your investment in our program!


“Paul and I “eye to eye” on the right way to do retirement planning. I am already practicing the kind of retirement that he recommends. Life is good!” — James A.