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Add Seven Years To Your Life!

According to a new field study, reported by Dr. Mercola, regular daily walking triggers an anti-aging process and helps repair old DNA, extending life spans from three to seven years. A 20-minute walk at varying speeds was the basis of this conclusion. Longer distances provide even more value! Who’s with me? Let’s go!

I Am Grateful

My heart and I are coming back strong from an eight-month battle with atrial fibrillation. This is the stuff when your heart flutters part of the time, rather than the normal thump, thump. Not a lot of fun when the doc is talking about pacemakers and killing the parts of the heart that are fluttering. In these types of situations, we have two basic choices – be safe and become less than you were and do less than you did — OR face down all the challenges (with the doctors’ assistance) and learn from it. I chose the latter route and am now a ‘healthier’, deeper, better, more understanding guy than before. I am most grateful! I have grown! You know, stories like this can be helpful and uplifting! Please share your story. Everyone will benefit! Paul

Ten Dangers of Stress

WARNING! Stress is very damaging for you! Research is now showing the HUGE consequences of chronic stress on your body. Don’t try to tough it out. Make changes now. Your whole body will be affected. 1. Stress impairs working memory 2. Stress sabotages concentration 3. Stress impairs motor coordination 4. Stress compromises visual acuity 5. Stress hampers fitness gains 6. Stress slows exercise recovery 7. Stress raises your risk for injury 8. Stress seriously impedes weight loss 9. Stress kills motivation 10. Stress depletes emotional resources I know personally about the damages of significant amounts of stress. Neither I nor you are bullet proof! Please take good care of yourself – body and mind! Want some good suggestions on stress management? Email us at for valua...

The #1 Predictor of How Long You Will Live

According to Dr. Al Sears, widely respected healthcare and fitness expert, the number one predictor of how long you will live is your lung power. The typical high intensity cardiovascular endurance training is not for the typical deconditioned people. They are not ready for extreme workouts. Also, this training does not make lungs strong and healthy. It shrinks them! His sensible PACE program is designed for anyone at any fitness level and designed to progressively challenge your system through incremental increases in exertion. More information can be found on YouTube: Dr. Sears

Can You Stop Your Aging Now?

I recently read a very thought-provoking article about the types of food that people older than fifty-five should favor. It says that we are still adapted to the hunter-gatherer diet and active lifestyle. We should eat far more vegetarian than meat. The meat should be grass-fed or fish. Eliminate or sharply curtail grains and legumes, which definitely were not a hunter-gatherer staple. Eliminate manufactured products, focusing instead on natural vegetables and fruits. The USDA reports that the top nine foods eaten by Americans are: • Whole Cow’s milk • 2 percent milk • Processed American cheese • White bread • White flower • Refined sugar • Colas • Commercial ground beef All of these foods are foreign to our bodies! Sharply limit their consumption for your future’s sake. Remember, also, th...

Here's Another Good Idea!

Winter is often a time of little exercise. Prevent the resulting body decline by a series of simple exercises in your house. An excellent one is marching with vigor in one spot! Pretend you are a drum major, flapping your arms and bringing your knees up as high as you can. Be silly and have fun. Sing and prance! Start with only a few minutes, gradually building up to as long as you want. You have only one body. Take good care of it! Please let us know how this works for you! If you like it, we have more good ideas to help you stay healthy!  

Movement Is A Medicine

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” – Carol Welch, author This is so true at every age. A body in motion stays in motion … here’s to your lifelong healthy habits!

How To Be Happy In Retirement

When talking with clients about retirement, I almost always hear some variation of “I just want to be happy.” The more I hear the “H” word, the more I ask myself, “What actually makes us happy?” There’s certainly no single answer to that question. In fact, the answers seem limitless. Not only that, but we don’t seem particularly good at knowing what will make us happy. The things we choose — a new car for example — often provide a short-term, fleeting sense of pleasure rather than a deep, abiding sense of happiness. So what can we do to improve our odds of a happy retirement? Enroll for our newsletter and we’ll send you 10 FREE tips on how to experience a happier retirement every year!

Give Yourself A Gift Today

  Food for Life: The Power of Food for Health The Food for Life program is a community-based nutrition education program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). With more than a million people diagnosed with cancer and 26 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States each year—and many more cases in other countries across the globe—there is an urgent need for a new direction in battling diseases. The Food for Life program is an innovative approach to a medical challenge. It aims first to prevent disease. When a disease has been diagnosed, it works for improving survival. Designed by physicians, nutrition experts, and registered dietitians, each of our curricula includes information about how certain foods and nutrients work to promote health and figh...

Age Does Not Matter

Wow! Who said being 75 meant being out of shape? Share this and show folks what’s real and possible!