My heart is still fluttering and not just about Ardis. Hopefully, it will settle down. If not, there will be a separate ablation process where the part of the heart that is fluttering will be killed and I will rely solely on my pacemaker.

Life is a roller coaster!

Love to you all!


The surgery went well yesterday and I now have a pacemaker to keep my heart beating steadily!

I was partially awake during the process. Amazing!

The second part of the surgery – ablating, or stopping small portions of heart that would often beat erratically – could not be completed and will be scheduled for a later date.

I feel so very fortunate and am thankful for all those who were supporting me.

Love you much!


For the last nine months, my sturdy heart has had “electrical” problems that caused a very irregular heart beat, resulting in some very unpleasant consequences!

But, in surgery tomorrow, (Thursday), I will get a new, “variable speed” pacemaker that will get me back on track for a normal life.

Here’s to a fantastic future for all of us!


Doctor agreed that we had reached the end of the road for meds for my atrial fibrillation. Surgery is ahead.

I am very excited about this next step. A new, “variable speed” pacemaker will be installed Oct. 1. Then they will insert a special wire in my groin and run it up to my heart. There, they will “ablate” or kill a small part of my heart that is doing the fibrillating (not the outer heart wall) . Will stay overnight in the hospital and be released the following day!

Then, after a little recovery time, I should be almost good as new!!

Soon I will be able to get back to updating my RetirementWow! Coaching Program. It should be ready to go shortly after the new year.

Takeaway? Even at 85, we still have much good retirement living to enjoy!

I would enjoy reading your comments!


Ps: Thanks so very much for your prayers!


Add Seven Years To Your Life!

According to a new field study, reported by Dr. Mercola, regular daily walking triggers an anti-aging process and helps repair old DNA, extending life spans from three to seven years.

A 20-minute walk at varying speeds was the basis of this conclusion.

Longer distances provide even more value!

Who’s with me? Let’s go!


Total Rehab

So what am I doing to rehab my body? Treadmill and many machines at our new YMCA three times a week. Good workout!

Three other mornings I am usually speed walking almost 2.5 miles.

Eating healthy. Letting go of stress. Twice/day, visualizing healed heart, mind, memory, body.

What else should I be doing?

I Am Grateful

My heart and I are coming back strong from an eight-month battle with atrial fibrillation. This is the stuff when your heart flutters part of the time, rather than the normal thump, thump. Not a lot of fun when the doc is talking about pacemakers and killing the parts of the heart that are fluttering.

In these types of situations, we have two basic choices – be safe and become less than you were and do less than you did — OR face down all the challenges (with the doctors’ assistance) and learn from it.

I chose the latter route and am now a ‘healthier’, deeper, better, more understanding guy than before. I am most grateful! I have grown!

You know, stories like this can be helpful and uplifting!

Please share your story. Everyone will benefit!


Grow, grow, grow!

So you have retired from the 8-5, six days a week grind and are now graduating to the next exciting, satisfying chapter of your life!


So many retirees now are interested in having much more in their retirement than just a rocking chair or early trip to a rest home.

The opportunities are so much more broad than ever before. Be creative! Be of value! Go in new directions.

Such exciting opportunities! Grow, grow, grow!

Retirement — It’s Wonderful!

In my 80’s, I have been retired for many years. Retirement is certainly a major change from the working world, and represents a major transformation in your life.

I have learned so very much about how to optimize the retirement experience and (very important!), dealing with the new obstacles that we all face in this wonderful phase of our life.

I am starting a series of tips and suggestions for you to consider in your retirement. For example:

  • Retirement is something quite new for most of us. As Steve Jobs said, you have to go out and expose yourself to the best of what others have done, and then add to it what you are doing. Be wise and don’t blaze all your trails yourself!
  • “The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.” – KaluKalu


These are just a couple of the lessons that have spoken to my heart. I’ve been retired for a while, so I have lots more. Hope you enjoy them!

Paul and Ardis