About Us

Paul Cunningham

Everyone has a unique story, so here’s mine. At age 80+, I have accumulated a wide array of professional life experiences:

  • Naval Reserve officer with many commands
  • Head of a startup electrical utility company
  • Leading a large trauma recovery counseling group part-time for 10 years
  • Owner of an engineering consulting firm working with clients in the US and Canada


In my personal life, I have had very good times but also many tragedies and loss. All of these provided great learning opportunities for me and have, in turn, enabled me to empathize with the many people I have counseled.

These experiences led me to be an introspective, avid researcher on how to realize our full potential physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually, especially in the personal relationships that are so very important to a fulfilling life. The research also led me to the conclusion that our latter years can offer us great opportunities and fulfillment, and go far beyond the stereotypical decline of earlier generations’ retirement experiences.

All these decades of living, research, and people-oriented involvements provided me the background and inspiration that led to developing our Retirement Wow! business, writing my book, and coaching retirees who are a part of our Retirement WOW! MasterMind Groups. Our goal is to help every retiree enjoy higher levels of a comfortable and happy retirement. We offer experienced retirement planning in Dallas, Houston, and all of Texas.

We believe passionately that retirement can be some of the best years of our lives –- full of health, clear minds, great fun, joy, powerful relationships, and real satisfaction! It is a community effort, and we appreciate your ideas and materials to make it even better!!

We are your advocates! Come join us in our exciting journey!


Ardis Kvare

Paul is my senior!  Ah, but I’m not that far behind in age!

I was in Human Resources management in two major corporations where my responsibilities included all aspects of Human Resources – career counseling, employee relations, compensation, benefits, and administration. A significant part of those responsibilities also included coaching, mentoring, and training. I was described as being a creative problem solver and a good listener who never betrayed confidences.

I felt so fortunate to be in a position of sharing additional information with the employees, gleaned from outside sources over the years, much of it as an avid reader of personal development material and other new-to-me information that I kept acquiring. Helping others to use that information was key to helping them to address their issues and goals.

There are many factors that lead to a fulfilled and happy retirement. I think one of the critical components of our happiness is having good relationships in all aspects of our lives – self, spouse, family, friends, business representatives, etc. – and all of these  require good communication skills.  It also requires setting “ego” aside in order to be effective in understanding all sides of the issues.

We are most interesting if we are also involved in work, art, music, taking classes, reading, literature, theater, helping others, contributing to the betterment of our communities and even the world — whatever feels right to you will add fulfilling dimensions to your life..Continuing to learn is so worthwhile in our retirement years. Involvement in a variety of organizations is very important to a sense of belonging.

These are just some general ideas I have to get us started, and there is so much more! I am excited to have the opportunity to work with you to help in the process of creating the retirement you desire!


“Paul has some great ideas about how to retire and live the best life you can. You don’t have to grow old, grow young. Paul can help anyone with this concept.”

     — Jo-Len S.