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The Retirement Manifesto Money Map

The Retirement Manifesto Money Map

A new and interesting “Blog Chain” is gaining momentum in the Blogosphere which challenges fellow bloggers to “Map Your Money”.  By using various schematics, bloggers are developing visual maps which show how they manage their money (check out the complete list at the bottom of this post).

Today, as a Special Friday edition of The Retirement Manifesto, I’ve decided to join the fun. To add some value to my map, I’ve added some “Tips To Follow” by the appropriate money flows.  Hopefully, the map speaks for itself.

With that, here’s The Retirement Manifesto Money Map.  In simple terms, it shows how our money flows. The most important takeaway, in my humble opinion, is that we FORCE MONEY INTO SAVINGS before it hits our checking account.  We’ve been doing this for 3 decades, and it’s the biggest single step in growing our investment portfolio. This concept, called “Forced Scarcity”, results in knowing you can spend the money in your checking account, and know your savings are growing at your targeted rate.

I love the blogging community, and thank Apathy Ends and Budget On A Stick for managing this Chain!

(For those new to Blog Chains, I initiated the concept a few months ago with this Retirement Drawdown Strategy Chain, which was followed a few weeks later with this FIRE Prowess Score Chain.  It’s a fun concept, and I’m happy to see it gaining momentum.)

Here are the members of the Map Your Money Chain:

Anchors: Apathy Ends12Budget on a Stick11
Link 1: The Luxe Strategist8
Link 2: Adventure Rich1
Link 3: MinaFi3
Link 4: OthalaFehu1
Link 5: The Frugal Gene3
Link 6: Working Optional2
Link 7: Our Financial Path1
Link 8: Atypical Life
Link 9: Eccentric Rich Uncle1
Link 10: Cantankerous Life1

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