Month: August 2017

Michael Kitces – The 4% Rule and Financial Planning for Early Retirement

You may remember that my Safe Withdrawal Rate post drew heavily from the incredible research Kitces has done on the topic so it was great to talk to him directly to dive even deeper into important topics related to early retirement. If you’re worried about figuring out how much you can withdraw from your portfolio after you retire, this episode is for you! Mad Fientist: Hey! Welcome, everybody, to the Financial Independence Podcast, the podcast that gets inside the brains of some of the best and brightest in the personal finance space to find out how they achieved financial independence. Today’s guests, I’m super excited about. It is Michael Kitces from And if you’re not familiar with his work, he is one of the Internet’s most respected retirement researchers and financial plan...

The Secret to Retirement Planning with Minimal Taxation

Financial planning and taxes in your retirement years does not have to be a scary thing for baby boomers and retirees. In fact, there are very simple ways to … source

So Long 2017 Summer Break!

The 2017 summer break is almost over. The Portland public school starts next week and we need to get ready for it. Mrs. RB40 has been picking up school supplies, but we still need to get a new lunch box and a few new long pants. I also need to meet with RB40Jr’s teacher to go over his hearing loss. It’s going to be a busy few days for us. RB40Jr isn’t looking forward to school at all. He loves summer and really enjoys the freedom from school. Summer is the best season here in Portland. The weather has been just about perfect this year. Yes, we had some sizzling days, but we just go enjoy the pool when it gets too hot. Summer was a ton of fun, but there was a price to be paid too. It’s been quite difficult to blog about personal finance. We’ve had too much fun and switching mode to PF has b...

Paul’s Blog (test)

Paul’s Blog (test)

Chapter 4 Part One Financial Planning

Topic of Cash Flow and Free cash flow, Operating cash flow are discussed. source

From Zero to Wealthy in Two Years – With AirBnb?

Zeona M. enjoys a recent day at the office. By this point you probably know all you ever wanted to know, and more, about Mr. Money Mustache’s long-ago path to early retirement. But my story is only one of an infinite number of possibilities, which means it is valuable to look around at how other people are doing it. Because of that, I’ve been sharing more reader success stories recently, and I’ve been particularly excited to share this one for quite a while because it comes from a completely different direction. I first met Zeona McIntyre just over two years ago, on a warm early summer day in Boulder. Without my knowledge she had created a Facebook group called Boulder Mustachians and already amassed a substantial collection of fun people before I even got word of it. We coordinated to hol...

Financial Planning/Budgeting – Entrepreneurship 101 2012/13

Andrew Graham, Senior Director, Insurance, President’s Choice Financial, emphasizes the importance of a startup’s financial planning. He advises … source

Personal Finance, Budgeting and Planning Part 1: Managing your Financial Life

Financial empowerment starts with a solid foundation, based on knowledge, choice, and action. David Michaels talks about the basics of taking control of and … source

Kibanda, Part 2: Negotiating the deal

Kibanda from the road It is interesting. With a beach house, “front door” and “back door” become meaningless. Guess we’ll have to get used to “lake side” and “road side” Anyway, back to our story. As you recall, Part I ended with… Lying in bed that night I realized, at the right price, this was a great opportunity for somebody. Somebody who knew how to do or get done construction work. Somebody looking for a lucrative part-time job running an Airbnb. In short, somebody other than me. The support of friends Still, it nagged at me. I ran the idea past some friends. They were almost uniformly negative on the idea. My pal Bill from Maine summed it up like this: My first reaction to your question is: You’re JL Collins, the guy who doesn’t want to own property. PLUS it’s far away, PLUS you’re no...

Let’s Go Exploring! Chichen Itza: The Scariest Place in Mexico

FIRECracker FIRECracker is Canada’s youngest retiree. She used to live in one of the most expensive cities in Canada, but instead of drowning in debt, she rejected home ownership. What resulted was a 7-figure portfolio, which has allowed her and her husband to retire at 31 and travel the world. Their story has been featured on CBC, the Huffington Post, CNBC, BNN, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance. To date, it is the most shared story in CBC history and their viral video on CBC’s On the Money has garnered 4.5 Million views. Latest posts by FIRECracker (see all) Pop quiz: If you were captain of the basketball team and your team won the season, you should: a) Get a butt load of money because you kick ass.b) Get promoted because you kick ass.c) Get beheaded because you kick ass. ...

Financial Planning Tips for Under 30s, Young Professionals & Starting Out


Valuable Lessons from My First Year of Freedom

Finally, the post I’ve been waiting for. After starting this site back in early 2012, I dreamt of the day I would write my freedom post. I imagined it would be published the day after I left my job and would be the grand finale of my pursuit of financial independence. Well, exactly one year ago today I left my full-time job and yet I’m only now writing about it. Why? There are a few reasons but the main one is that early retirement is a lot more complicated than it first appears. As with everything Mad-Fientist related, I wanted to deeply explore the subject matter before writing about it. So I decided to capture my thoughts and feelings over the entire first year and write about it after I had the chance to process everything. It’s been a wild ride and I’ve learned a lot of important less...