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Ten Dangers of Stress

Ten Dangers of Stress

WARNING! Stress is very damaging for you! Research is now showing the HUGE consequences of chronic stress on your body. Don’t try to tough it out. Make changes now. Your whole body will be affected.

1. Stress impairs working memory
2. Stress sabotages concentration
3. Stress impairs motor coordination
4. Stress compromises visual acuity
5. Stress hampers fitness gains
6. Stress slows exercise recovery
7. Stress raises your risk for injury
8. Stress seriously impedes weight loss
9. Stress kills motivation
10. Stress depletes emotional resources

I know personally about the damages of significant amounts of stress. Neither I nor you are bullet proof!

Please take good care of yourself – body and mind!

Want some good suggestions on stress management? Email us at for valuable tips to help you deal with this monster. They are free!

We care!


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