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Design your own life — no longer let life just happen to you!


Appreciate all the good things, good people, and good ideas. Take from them the essences that will help you create that beautiful you, which you choose to be.

Decide how you will deal with problems in your life in advance, especially how you will let them help you become a better person.

What type of life are you living –- CAGED, COMFORTABLE, OR CHARGED? What more do you want out of your life? What efforts are you willing to make to rise to those levels?

What are your higher goals and aspirations?

All true changes in our world must begin within us. The world we perceive is largely a reflection of what we think and believe now. The surest way to change our world is change our own way of thinking. Unless you have help, changing yourself might be hard work, but it’s oh, so worthwhile!

Know in your heart that you certainly are capable of significant improvements in the way you think and act. PERIOD! REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE OR PHYSICAL CONDITION. THOSE ARE JUST EXCUSES THAT HOLD YOU BACK.

When you realize you truly are capable of making significant improvements in your way of life, and unconditionally accept that challenge of changing, it becomes an exciting journey of exploration. Challenges that previously would have been seemingly impossible simply evaporate before us, being replaced by pride and joy in our achievement. We are encouraged and have a sense of confidence that we can make even more positive changes.


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