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Happiness is a state of mind.
Health is a state of mind.
Love is a state of mind.
Wealth is a state of mind.
Spirituality is a state of mind.
Success is a state of mind.
Peace is a state of mind.
Habits are a state of mind.

Everything begins with a state of mind. First, you must choose and totally commit to some thing or condition that you truly, deep down desire and expect to have in your life. Joyfully, keep focusing on that goal and constantly look for ways to make it a part of your life. Be willing to do what is necessary to bring that into being for you. Think and work consistently and diligently to make it happen. Don’t just sit back, waiting for it to drop in your lap. Take the actions that you know will help you make it a part of your life.

Be full of joy and excitement about the awareness that you are doing what all is required of you to manifest your desire in your life.

Accept that some transformations take more time than others. This just gives you the opportunity to enjoy the anticipation of your goal a little longer!

Sometimes, our goal that we so fervently desire might not really fit for us. There may be a better alternative out there that we are not aware of just yet. However, just know that what is right and best for you will come your way when the time is right!
Sometimes, there are some lessons that we must first learn. Remember when you first learned to walk? You fell down many times before you learned the necessary elements of walking. What other lessons do you now need to learn? Ponder deeply. Accept them and make them a healthy part of who you are. That sets the stage for you to move forward in achieving what is right for you.


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