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Here is a simple, insightful article on extending your productive life by a very recognized expert.

One proven way to extend your health span and lifespan is simply moving more. For light- to moderate-intensity activities of daily living, e.g. housework, gardening, stair climbing, walking and bicycling for transportation, an increase of one hour per week compared to no physical activity was associated with a reduction in mortality of four percent.

Even better, Dr. Samitz said that with moderate-intensity leisure activities (e.g. Nordic walking, hiking, social dance) the risk reduction increased to six percent, and with vigorous-intensity aerobic activity or sports (e.g. jogging, bicycling (>10 miles per hour), tennis, ball sport), the reduction in all-cause mortality was even nine percent per one hour increment per week.

Better yet, meeting the WHO´s recommended level of 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity of daily life or during leisure was associated with a reduction in mortality risk by ten percent. For vigorous exercise and sports the reduction in mortality risk was more than twofold higher (22 %).

I’m not one for New Year Resolutions. There’s no magic in Januarys. But if you did slip a little during the year, maybe a new beginning makes sense for you, especially if you overdo it during the Holidays (or under-exercise). After all, a 22% reduction in your mortality risk is not something you want to ignore. And that’s just exercise. Couple it with good nutrition, and 22% is just your starting point.

On second thought, why wait until the new year? Let’s get a head start!

Long Life,

David Kekich

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