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Money and Value

A Snippet From Chapter Six Of My Book


“There are so many men who can figure costs, and so few who can measure values.” — Author Unknown

Retirement, forced or chosen, often brings you face to face with yourself and your future, which many people have avoided examining. Action to take? Consider this the opportunity to finally spend quality time reviewing your life so you can develop plans to have a wonderful future in retirement. Take a look at your investment wiring, or inner attitudes, feelings, and biases about money and wealth. They are usually a combination of attitudes from your parents, prior experiences, and your own beliefs.

PROSPERITY IS ABOUT MORE THAN MONEY! It makes good sense to think of prosperity on a higher level to include good health, friendships, and happiness. Many material items eventually lose their value in providing us satisfaction, but good health, happiness, loving relationships, personal satisfaction and joy are, and will be, extremely valuable throughout our lifetime.

Challenge your partner to come up with innovative ways to comfortably cut costs. Make it a fun game, rather than a burden. Make everything you do and see a great learning experience. Do not measure the value of an experience by its cost. Instead, measure it by its value in learning or the pleasure it provides you.

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