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A Snippet From Chapter Two Of My Book

Chapter 2: “The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Some are saying they just want to take it easy and play a lot of golf (or something similar). But many retirees soon discover that this attitude only works for a while. Then they start searching for something to replace the structure and job position used subconsciously to define their value for many decades.

One medical professional told me he was quite surprised at the rapid decline of some business people which often led to an early death. It was his position that it is absolutely vital to stay highly engaged with life at some level — the more the better.

As snakes grow, they must periodically shed their old skins which are no longer big enough for their new growth. Consider retirement as a similar growing stage for you. A more comfortable metaphor may be the metamorphosis of the lowly, ugly caterpillar into the beautiful, soaring butterfly. Can you soar with the butterflies?


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