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At over 80 years old, I have retired from business careers twice. Both times were nice for a while, but I started to need more reason for being so I could make my life as full as my recently completed Retirement Wow! ebook, available on Kindle and my website,

It is the foundation of our MasterMind Coaching program, led by my beautiful soul mate, Ardis, and me, which focuses all of our considerable education, research, and life experiences on helping retirees realize your true potential in the latter part of your lives, rising way above the outdated model of drifting into inaction and early passing. That is so outdated!

New research clearly shows our significant potential to live much more active, healthy, fulfilling, extended lives. The old model of decline in the 70’s and 80’s is out the window! Personally, I fully expect to live a good life until I am around 100 or more. Not easy. It takes continuous enlightened effort with new lifestyles!

But it is so worth it! Feel the excitement and join us in this effort! Why waste your retirement sliding down that slippery slope of the old fashioned approach to retirement?

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