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Who Am I? My Name Is Ardis Kvare (Norwegian!).

Paul and I are life partners and are the love of each other’s life!!  We have been together almost six years now and have a truly wonderful, fulfilling relationship.  Love can blossom even at our age!

In this blog we will visit a variety of topics including some of my ‘favorite places’, activities, thoughts to ponder, maybe some recipes, and other topics that are of interest to me and hopefully will spur some good ideas for you.

I grew up in Northern Minnesota, born of farmers, the oldest of four children.  My Scandinavian roots focused on the practical — a strong work ethic, integrity, but with little spice in life or in food.

After leaving the farm I learned that I was indeed more of a “City Girl” with an appetite for variety in foods, travel, cultural activities, interesting people, and the convenience of living close to what I loved to do.  Most of my business life was in a senior HR position with a major pharmaceutical company.

So today, I think about when I first retired.  Oh, I had a whole list of projects that I had put off ‘until I retire’ which included cleaning, organizing recipes, and participating in activities I didn’t have time to do when I was working.

Now that we have reached retirement age, we seniors have time on our hands, right?  For me that was true for the first few months.  I had time to ‘play’.  But to have a successful retirement, we need more than play to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.   My first step was to begin a revised EXERCISE scheme.

When I worked, I would get up at 4:45 and do aerobic exercises (video aerobics and treadmill with occasionally a stationary bike).  Shortly before retirement, I downsized into a smaller townhome and purchased a lifetime membership at a nearby fitness club. I knew I would miss the personal contacts of my job after retirement, so this provided the motivation for me to get out among people in the morning.  I began working out there three mornings a week.  This was supplemented with walking two or three mornings a week.  It turned out that some of the people I met at the fitness club became very good social friends, so it was healthy way to expand our social life and we continue to see them! I will tell you a little bit about them and my many other interests in future blogs.

Until next time,

Ardis Kvare

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